About the Care Team

The Care Team works with students using a social work brokerage model which is brief support sharing on and off-campus resources.

We serve all enrolled students and support is not tied to student service fees. 

Typical support is either meeting 1:1 (zoom or in person) with the student to learn what they are looking for and currently connected with and then sharing resources for the student to engage with.  At times, we may only have email exchanges which are sufficient for resource sharing. If the student is seeking support in connecting to a resource, we can provide coaching or making a call or connecting with resource together.

We are not equipped to provide long term case management, long-term housing or financial assistance, but will share resources that a student can engage with.

The Care Team staff connects with students to listen, support and explore resources for:  stress management, mental health support, substance use or abuse recovery support, unexpected financial hardship, food & housing insecurity,  and post-hospitalization (short-term assistance with coordination of care). 

The Care Team provides consultation to faculty and staff as it relates to concerns about students. Additionally, the Care staff can assist in linking departments and units to educational programing for faculty, staff, and students as it relates to student mental health and wellness.