Care Program

The Care Program provides coordinated case management, support and resources to students as they navigate the University and pursue their academic and personal goals.

Care Managers operate in a non-clinical capacity and do not provide formal counseling or therapy to students, but we connect students to the appropriate resources as needed.

The Care Program also oversees the Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) by consulting and addressing reports of concerning student behavior and providing a coordinated response to situations arising from students who may represent a threat of harm to themselves or others.

Concerned about a student or friend?  Make A Referral

Students, staff, faculty, and parents are encouraged to contact OSA's Care Manager if they have strong concerns about the behavior or actions of a University of Minnesota student. If you think a student might cause harm to self or others, we welcome you to share your concerns by making a referral. Your referral will be reviewed by the OSA Care Manager. 

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